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Composite components

Fehrer has been manufacturing lightweight structures and composite components from fiberglass reinforced plastics since the 1980s. Our product range includes crash-relevant components, adjustable rear backrest structures, and components that need to have high rigidity. Furthermore, the intelligent combination of materials, process technology, and plant design makes it possible to explore new ways of minimizing the weight of vehicle components.


From concept to volume production: Fehrer covers the entire value chain.

Automotive lightweight construction with carbon fiber reinforced polyurethane (CFPU)

Global concerns about climate are driving the optimization of internal combustion engines and the development of alternative sources of propulsion in the automotive industry. In both cases, lightweight construction is a crucial factor. The success of electric vehicles is also critically dependent on improvements in thermal insulation. Future vehicle designs therefore require the use of alternative material technologies, both in the interior and in the body framework. They can be used to achieve maximum weight reduction and thermal insulation without compromising requirements for passenger comfort and safety. Fehrer already makes use of a variety of technologies for the volume production of components for vehicle construction. Fehrer develops some of these technologies in house and is working to optimize them further in terms of material properties and high-volume production processes.

Our composite specialists have now engineered processes based on carbon-fiber-filled rigid polyurethane foams, achieving record-breaking process and cycle times. So now, the economical and high-quality mass production of body structure parts is possible.




Sliding headliner

Various different material technologies can be used, depending on the visual and technical design requirements. The benefits are clear: high rigidity, low weight, and good sound insulation (for good vehicle acoustics).

Roof lining components

Our roof lining components visually enhance the feeling of being in the open air. Lining components for convertibles have been a firm part of our product offering for many years now.

Convertible top lids

Fehrer has developed production processes that permit a rigid component with low weight to be produced in a large-area design. The perfect example is the convertible top lid, which has to withstand high loading.

Backrest trim

This part features high rigidity, dimensional stability, and low weight. The material properties of the fiber reinforced plastics allow the customer a free hand in terms of visual design and decor.

Backrest structure parts

Fehrer's hybrid construction concept has proven itself in volume production for more than 10 years. The benefits are self-evident: more space and comfort for the occupants, less weight, and thereby lower fuel consumption and better vehicle performance.

Lightweight cushion frames

In contrast to conventional products, the new Fehrer rear seat frame from recycled carbon fiber composite materials brings together an entire range of functions in a single part. An edge strip channel, omega clamp, ISOFIX feedthrough, and attachment points for cupholders and trays are all integrated into the self-supporting cushion frame. This economizes on attachment parts, assembly steps, and weight—550 grams in total versus comparable standard products.

SMART lightweight roof

An intelligent combination of PU fiber composite layers and a honeycomb core structure in a sandwich design make the roof module 30% lighter than conventional products.

Multifunction divider

The new divider, which separates the passenger area from luggage, drafts, and noise disruption, consists of three separate panels mounted on a crossmember, and is installed directly in the vehicle as complete module upon delivery. But the divider offers even more: the panels can be folded down variably, with a mechanically damped folding action. In this way, a normal luggage compartment can be transformed easily into a flat cargo space.


Technological and functional integration


Lightweight solutions
for vehicle interiors,
roof systems, structural parts
e.g. carbon fiber reinforced PU



Surface construction
Reaction injection overmolding (ROM)



e.g. Alcantara, leather, fabric, film



Functional integration
Fiber reinforced PU
Structural reaction injection molding (SRIM)



Functional integration
Honeycomb technologies
Composite spray molding (CSM)



Functional integration
of fastening elements