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Seat pads

The seating of a vehicle is the direct and closest connection between the passengers and the automobile. Its design and level of comfort contribute to the personality of the vehicle model and convey quality to the passenger. Safety and adjustability also play a key role. This is why seating systems are expected to meet demanding requirements.

For over 100 years, Fehrer has been working to provide customers with the best in driving comfort. Customers' expectations have risen over the years. To meet those expectations, Fehrer uses only the highest-quality and most up-to-date materials. The contoured upholstery, as a crucial component of a seat, is of central importance. Economics, vibration absorption, durability, and climatic comfort are important criteria to be considered in the development of contoured upholstery for automotive seats. With our in-house materials development, we are able to meet the demands of today's world with a variety of chemical formulations.


From concept to volume production: Fehrer covers the entire value chain.


Polyurethane foam molding technologies used at Fehrer

  • Cold foam
  • Hot foam
  • Lightweight foam
  • In-situ (backfoaming technology)
  • Fehrer 3D foam


Seating comfort with PU

Polyurethane foam (PU) has proven invaluable in the development and production of modern automobiles. Polyurethane flexible foam is the number one upholstery material for vehicle seats thanks to its outstanding physical properties and its flexibility.

Molded PU foam is used in cushion and backrest upholstery as well as for armrests, headrests, and side bolsters.

At Fehrer we manufacture PU foams to our own formulas. Consequently we can ensure that essential criteria like bulk density, hardness, cell structure, cushioning characteristics, and vibration absorption properties are always as required. The right processing technique is also critical for the final result.


Seating comfort through functional integration


climate control



climate control



Seat occupancy sensor
foamed into cushion