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From the Idea to Series Production

Fehrer offers its customers a full range of services and covers the entire value chain.

Starting with product development, the creation of chemical formulations, the planning of the manufacturing process, mould making, the construction of its own specialist machines and facilities, all the way to series production. This enables Fehrer to react in a flexible and comprehensive way to the specific requirements of each product.

Our Network

  • Non-customer-specific development of components and processes
  • Search for alternative materials
  • Research in the field of alternative materials, to optimize comfort and reduce weight
  • Integration of additional functions
  • Reduction in variety of variants models by means of modular systems
  • Product optimization by developing new production processes
  • Tailored foam formulas for flexible and rigid PU foams; energy absorbing and fiber reinforced PU products
  • Centralized chemical development for all production plants worldwide, to provide the best possible chemistry to all regions and customers
  • Hot and cold foam technology
  • Optimized formulations per product specifications from various customers, with excellent working characteristics
  • Customers-specific adaptation to meet comfort requirements
  • Development cooperation with all significant PU raw material suppliers around the globe
  • Tried and tested polyurethane expertise
  • Complete stewardship of customer projects - from the initial design study through to start of production
  • Local service centers for customer proximity to all major OEMs
  • Implementation of customer requests and specifications
  • Consolidated specialist expertise in the company, for flexible responses to customer requests
  • Many years of experience, for cost-optimized and on-schedule implementation of development projects
  • Leading specialist in the development of seat upholstery, seat modules and composite components
  • Solid expertise and many years of experience. Never losing sight of customer requirements and process possibilities
  • More than 50 CAD workstations—also in the service centers, in direct proximity to customers
  • Virtual design engineering
  • Virtual prototyping
  • PDM software for efficient management of large data structures and fast development times
  • Direct contact with our customers' design engineering offices through Fehrer service centers


  • In-house sample construction
  • Production prototypes/samples 
  • Mold making for prototype/sample parts
  • Modern testing facilities and methods
  • Upholstery techniques
  • Trim material development (leather, fabrics, artificial leather)
  • CNC-milled prototypes/samples 
  • 3D printers
  • In-house prototyping
  • The latest machine technology
  • Team of experts to support external moldmakers
  • Specialized milling department for rapid mold adjustment in the case of design changes
  • Centralized tool making for all plants worldwide
  • Molds for hot foam and cold foam
  • Molds for backfoaming technology
  • Molds for GMPU (glass mat reinforced PU) 
  • Prototype molds
  • Cast and milled tools
  • Cast aluminum tools
  • Fehrer in-house layout and design of production equipment (rotary and oval machines, assembly cells)
  • Mold carriers 
  • Custom machinery
  • Electrical components and controls
  • Process technology
  • Perfect project management for reliable deadline compliance
  • Powerful pilot production systems


  • Production plants at locations in Germany and around the world
  • Experience in volume production permits timely optimization of processes, machines, and systems
  • Experts handle all relevant process steps for smooth project completion
  • The latest machinery and systems