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Seat Modules

The seat modules of today's automobiles have a variety of functions.

Fehrer works continuously to develop new solutions aimed at production-ready integration of additional features. Technology and design are just as important to us as passenger safety. We develop and manufacture our products in-house using the latest methods and procedures.

Captivatingly Effective Solutions

Multifunctional armrests

Our center armrests are used in a great number of vehicles. They are available in a wide variety of design versions, with Fehrer offering the best result for the customer's requirements—from simple models up to the high-end version. With features like cupholders, storage compartments, or through-loading systems, Fehrer center armrests make a major contribution to passenger comfort.


The customization of vehicle interiors is becoming ever more important. Today's customers can configure the interior of their vehicle to suit themselves. For instance, they can choose between a center armrest or a center console in the rear of the car. Fehrer provides automakers with tailored solutions for this purpose. In addition to complete console systems, Fehrer also produces single components for consoles such as lids or trim parts.

Side bolsters

Fehrer side bolsters are used in the rear seating area of vehicles with fold-down backrests divided into two or three sections. Fehrer utilizes different production methods depending on the visual and technical design, ranging from conventional upholstering through to in-situ methods (backfoaming). Additional functions can also be integrated upon request, such as airbag systems for side bolsters that actively contribute to passenger protection.

Seat mounted armrests (SMA)

High load capacity in a compact design—this simple formula was the challenge to be met in the development of the SMA. Fehrer has developed a modular system that packs plenty of muscle and meets all specifications with ease. A further advantage of the Fehrer SMA is its high degree of design freedom that allows the developers to flexibly adapt it to customer requests.

Technological and functional integration
  • Cupholders
  • Through-loading systems
  • Airbag-Systems
  • Heaters
  • Integrated headrest
  • Backfoaming technology