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Seat Pads

Vehicle seating is the most direct connection between the passenger and the automobile. Its design and level of comfort contribute to the personality of the vehicle and convey a sense of quality to the passenger. Safety and adjustability also play a key role. This is why the highest demands and standards are placed on the quality of Fehrer seating systems. 

For over 100 years, Fehrer has been working to provide customers with an optimized driving experience in terms of comfort. Customers' expectations have increased in recent years. To meet these expectations, Fehrer uses state-of-the-art materials of perfect quality. The molded seat pads act as a crucial component of a vehicle seat. Ergonomics, vibration absorption, durability, and climatic comfort are all criteria which play an important role in the development of seat pads for automotive seats. Our internal material development laboratory allows us to create various chemical compositions which meet the demands placed on modern material.


Polyurethane foam (PU) has proven invaluable in the development and production of modern automobiles. Polyurethane flexible foam is the number-one cushion pad material for vehicle seats thanks to its exceptional physical and flexibility properties. Molded PU foam is used in the production of seat cushions and backrest upholstery, as well as for armrests, headrests, and side bolsters.

Fehrer manufactures PU foam using its own formulas. This enables us to ensure vital aspects such as density, firmness, cellular structure, suspension characteristics and cushioning properties corresponding directly to the demands placed on the seat. A suitable processing method also plays a pivotal role in the quality of the final product.

  • cold cured foam
  • hot cured foam
  • in-situ (foam-in-place) technology